Why Favors DO Pay Off & Clients ARE Your Friends

I came across an interesting article this morning & for some reason I just can’t get it out of my mind. You see, I am a passionate individual with a love for the beauty industry. Each day I wake up excited to share my talent and insights with my clientele, and my clients are just as excited to here my input.

The article titled ” Why Favors DO NOT Pay Off & Clients Aren’t Your Friends ” immediately rubbed me the wrong way. I find it negative and just plain cynical. I noticed where it had been shared over 80k times and it broke my heart to think that stylists around the world could possibly be interested in this pessimistic bullshit.

That’s it. I’m not feeding into her story anymore. Let’s move forward to why I am here… 

I would say on a DAILY basis I am doing constant favors for my clients. CONSTANT. Rather it be giving product away because it’s almost empty so they can take it home and try, or not charging them for an eyebrow wax because honestly half the time I just forget and think who cares? I know not everyone will agree with something like that. I want you all to understand if you think of your clients as JUST an amount of money.. you will never EVER be fulfilled in this business or your career. You should be behind the chair doing what drives your passion. What keeps you going. Otherwise, maybe a career change is needed? You can answer the question right this moment. Do you love your career? If you hesitate.. then reflect and think about what it is that you may really be wanting to do. This industry is beautiful and I am so grateful that I have it each and everyday. 

Below I will add about 5 different reasons as to why our clients are our friends and why ” favors ” are actually just acts of kindness for your friends. 

1.) Communication & Venting – Rather it be the client or the stylist, you want to have a sort of relationship that is built off trust and understanding. I confide in more than half the people that sit in my chair. They trust me & I trust them. Some days they need to vent and some days I do. This doesn’t mean I am receiving less money or any less capable of doing my job. 

2.) Clients Care – Your clients do care about you. Especially if they have been coming to your for a long period of time. DUH! Of course they care about you. You’re the one that is taking the time and talents to make sure they look and feel their best. This a no-brainer! Your clients adore you and think you’re talented.. if they didn’t.. They would not be there!

3.) Keeping Up With ( Insert Your Name Here ) – We are loud and proud in the age of social media. NEWS FLASH. Your clients are watching what you’re doing. They enjoy it. It’s a nice reminder for them to log onto FB or INSTAGRAM and see that not only are you doing a great job when they’re in the chair.. but you’re busy uploading photos of other clients that you’re also taking care of. Make sure you’re the type of person your clients want to keep up with. KUWTK is all I have to type. You understand right? If they keep up with you, you’re doing something right $$$

4.) Be Thyself – One of the biggest pieces of advice I want to throw your way in this post is to 100% be yourself behind the chair. That’s where the big money comes in. That’s where the magic color moments happen. It’s the easiest trick in the book. Be yourself. How easy right? You have to be comfortable enough with your decisions as a professional behind the chair. The negative woman makes statements in her post such as ” The salon floor is not a stage upon which you can have an eight hour monologue everyday ” – COMPLETELY WRONG. Actually, it couldn’t be anymore WRONG. The salon floor is YOUR STAGE. That’s the 100% beauty of our entire industry. The salon floor is where you want to be YOURSELF and act just how you want and feel. Don’t close up and hide because you think by being quiet and ” professional ” will somehow amp up your pocketbook. Because honey, it will do the opposite. Always, always.. be yourself! Your clients want the truth and they want it from YOU. 

5. The Law of Attraction – Final point I would like to stress from this post is that whatever we are thinking.. BECOMES. So, if you’re sitting around reading bogus articles like the one that inspired this.. then you’re feeding into that negative outlook. Therefore, your outlook will start to become negative. The poor girl that wrote this other article obviously does not understand the meaning behind ” what we think we become ” because if she did.. she wouldn’t be wasting time making blog post complaining about her life and her career. Keep in mind that your clients love you, thats why they come in to see you.. and as you continue to keep that in mind.. that’s exactly what will keep happening. 

to read the negative article.. please click HERE

  1. My sentiments EXACTLY! I came across this same negative post the other day and didn’t even get past the title. I’ve read it many times in hairstyling books as well. I just DO NOT believe my success did not stem from my “therapy” sessions, the clients grateful hugs, or the truly honest empathy and sympathy when they share their trials and tribulations. The tears I’ve shed listening to how current politics are tearing apart families I know, how my client is coping 4 days after losing her husband, or the happy tears after 23 hours of detangling hair that nobody else would touch. This job IS personal!!! There is no way you can love and have passion for this career if you do not do so for the clients as well!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for this!
    The negative article rattled me too.
    You described my “work style” to a “T”!
    35 + successful happy years!


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