The Expectations of the Client should match those of the Colorist.

What do I mean? Funny you should ask 😋

When a client walks through the door. So does their entire world. What’s their job? What’s the dream job? Where do they like to eat? Who are they? These aren’t questions you can just ask someone, right? Wrong. Dig in. Feast. Have at it. After all, that’s what they’re wanting! They want you to push deep enough to find what they’re often afraid to admit.

” I’m a teacher but I’ve always wanted to be an interior designer ”

OH. Okay? So, let’s move forward..

Option 1. Partial highlight / lowlight and maybe a typical teacher bang? That would play it safe because that’s what some dumbass taught you in beauty school.

Option 2. Something new and innovative that can help bring out even more of that interior designer.

Surely you see where we are going with this? Also, okay.. fine.. I apologize for calling the beauty school teacher a dumbass. That was un-called for, but in all honesty.. some beauty schools scare the f out of me. Moving on..

We are still with the teacher. We are chit chatting away pulling teeth to have her admit if she over uses a flat iron and is she ever going to learn to do the beach wave? I’m exhausted already. New plan.

” The flat iron is dead, Ashley. The beach wave is very much alive, I want to see texture with the color technique and if you don’t start doing it. You’ll be a 30 year old who looks 40 ”

Now, let me start by saying that it does take a little more than just ” normal backbone ” to say something like this to someone and not even smirk. I say it with ease/humorbut with force. However that works? Could possibly be a gay guy thing? But I hate boxing anything up.

If you’ve met me you know. I have a southern charm with a lower east manhattan flare. I’ll tell you that you’re beautiful and then remind you how you can do better. Why? It’s just my job.

Okay, so we’ve made up that Ashley is the teacher. We are moving on and on. We’ve killed her flat iron dream and it’s time for color. BINGO. Here we go.

Tips below on consultation:

1. Find out what they want

2. Don’t take ” I don’t know ” as an answer

3. Stomp, cuss, scream and do whatever it takes to get them to admit what they completely want

Once the expectations of the client meet those of the colorists/ stylists. You will have a bond. A bond that is hard to break.. I may add. Once you can break down those walls of societies expectation .. and dig down enough to find their true colors.. pull them out and help them become that interior designer they aspire to be. Because, trust me.. in this business .. or in the business of beauty in general… If you LOOK the part. You’re 99% more likely to play the part.

I love you guys 😘

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