Law of Attraction / Create Your Own Future

Hey guys! Little bit of a different post but allowing you all inside my personal life a tiny bit here & there. I’ve been in Los Angeles for about 8 days and my life has already changed in such dramatic ways.. I hope you’ll enjoy this little narrative as I help explain my own story and future plans while helping you start to create your own.
Namaste 🙏🏻

I’m starting to figure all of this shit out. No really, I’m digging deep and I’m finding the truth to it all. For so long, I’ve studied “ the secret “ and “ the law of attraction “ to better understand my journey and how to manifest what I want into my life. This life & our presence within it is inevitable. We are all meant to carve out a little piece and tell our own story. But, what of the bumps along the way? Well, read carefully as my words help you find your own detour.

Ok, now that I have your attention. Let’s do a little exercise. I want you to imagine something that you’ve been longing for. Something you’ve been waiting to happen. Something you’ve been working toward. Now. Imagine it’s already happened. What’s your reaction? Your dreams just came true. Everything you’ve ever wanted presented to you at this very moment.
What’s your response? It’s crucial in this next moment that you have an actual reaction regardless of where you are or who’s around. Everything you’ve ever wanted was just handed to you. Why? Because you’ve already decided it’s yours. It now belongs to you. Are you celebrating? Smiling? Screaming? It’s happening. The more reaction you have.. The more the universe knows you believe you’ve made it. Trust me. As I sit and look outside at the rainy LA weather.. I know this exercise works impeccably. Trust your instincts. Trust yourself and disregard the rules or opinions that others around may try to force upon you.
Okay. Now, You should be feeling a little something now. That little fire that lives deep down within all of us but needs a little help igniting. It should spark. Let it burn.
Let me tell you. ( again ) of my own personal journey so you can help understand the magnitude of the power of practicing the way you think. This all started two years ago for me. Normal day. Sitting in the salon. I began to day dream. I saw myself with a personal assistant. She appeared. I saw myself making more money. It appeared. More clients. Kept coming. I imagined myself as this individual that everyone associated with “ successful energy “ and .. you guessed it.. it all happened. I will say the one thing I never expected that happened was my career as an educator. Even though it’s not over just yet. It was short lived & I’m so proud of the session I had within educating & traveling. You see, without even knowing so.. I was sending out signals of encouragement all because I was confident within myself. I see now how it came around full circle. Each night I would casually log on and go live just chatting away about what I studied and loved about doing hair. Sparks flying I connected with you all. I also connected with myself more than ever. A true moment in my life that I’ll never forget.
I can be the first to admit that I do remember when everything didn’t come so easy for me. Why? Because my thoughts were not thinking easy situations. I thought everything was hard & unachievable. I was broke. I had been terminated from beauty school. I had no clientele. No relationships with my family. I know now that it was my own negative thoughts that was keeping me from achieving what I was destined to become. I hope this is all sinking in for you.
So, what now? Where do I go from here? Well, let me tell you exactly.. because it is no longer a question for me. I know exactly what I’ll do. Number one. I will create this online course & it will help every artist that I have been able to connect with over these last two years. I’ve traveled & met so many of you face to face. I’ve spent sleepless nights obsessing over my craft to make it easy to execute & explain. This course is a reflection of my work & my personality. It’s a true testament to my creativity. I know you will love it. Blessings & good energy sent out to all my hair artists around the world — wherever you are 🌎
Next? .. I can tell you what I see for myself. I see myself traveling a lot. I see myself connecting with a larger audience & inspiring in bigger ways. I see myself living in Los Angeles. Laurel Canyon to be specific. You see, the law of attraction again. Painting a picture for you. I see a charming little home. Nestled into the hills. I’ll have a rose garden. Husband is taller than me, handsome, & so patient. Of course, I can see my child. A little girl. Colette. That’s the first time I’ve ever publicly said the name. Which also scares me a little because it means it’s really out there. Could come sooner than I expect.
Luckily, I see myself being an excellent parent. A child has always been the one thing in my life that I’ve said would fulfill me in ways I’ve never felt. I also see myself living in New York. Here and there. Manhattan. Close to Central Park. Probably not for a long period. Perhaps just a year or so. I also still see myself with a property in Missouri. My home. Tucked away in miles and miles of trees and southern hospitality. I can see myself always having a home in Missouri.. A way to escape the day to day hustle of these cities I’ve become so familiar with.
Everything has a purpose. Every phone call you make. Every drive you take. Every fight you instigate. All leading you to what your ultimate outcome will be. Be patient. This is not something you’ll be able to control over night. It will take time. You will make mistakes before you can completely manifest what you want directly into reality. You’ll have to let go of all the judgment you may feel upon you. Tell your story. Tell everyone around you exactly what you’re going to do even if it does sound too good to be true. The more you say it. The more you believe it. The more you believe it. The more it appears. I wish you all nothing but happiness. Positivity & light. May we all find our own paths with our very own thoughts. May we shy away from negativity & positively make a difference.
Xo L


One thought on “Law of Attraction / Create Your Own Future

  1. Wow amazing Lance thank you for sharing and also inspiring!!! I am so happy for you and your new life and you deserve the very best in life and I know you will receive!, I hope someday our paths will cross and I get to meet you and study with you Hair of course!,, thanks for being you!, fan girl diannarambo 🙏🏻😘💇🏼❤️


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