Cosmetologists: 6 Key Benefits Of Building Your Clientele And Presence On Social Media

Let’s face it. Today’s market is a tough one. Every second that passes by another cosmetology student is graduating school & signing on to create a marketable instagram profile in hopes to build a bigger portfolio, clientele, and reputation.

With all that said, how does one stand out? How do we create a presence of individuality that is marketable to our consumers viewing? I’m breaking down 6 key benefits for building your network on social media.




This first rule is simple. It just takes a little decision making based on the passion you have. So, I have a simple question for you. What pushed you to apply to beauty school? What fueled your passion and made you decide… this is the career for me?

Typically, the answer should be based around one specific thing you were passionate about that lead you to believe you would graduate & offer that service to consumers to therefore make a living & manage to still be creative in the process. For instance, my own answer would be

” HairColor ” — that was the IT factor that made me realize I wanted to move forward with my career. I wanted to become a Hair-colorist. Now, onto the point. The reason I asked you to find the specifics is because often without the passion fueled behind the brand.. artists can lose creativity becoming a ” jack of all trades ” slowly throwing themselves into any category within the cosmetology field. My point: STAY IN YOUR PASSIONATE LANE. Are you wanting to just do color? Maybe just be a barber? Maybe you just want to do makeup? Find a niche’ and perfect the craft. Especially in the beginning. Don’t offer 15 different services all in the same space as a new fresh artist. Stick to what truly drove you to chose this line of work.


This is going to seem like a joke I’m sure. But, you would honestly be surprised at how many artists I’ve seen miss this mark. Alright. You seek out someone who you know has a great reputation for their hair. It’s always well maintained & kept up. You message them and tell them you’d love to offer a hair coloring service either at no charge or at a discounted rate. Then you get creative with a little photo shoot of their hair after you’ve colored & styled it. Then, post! Once you’ve shared you can sit back and wait for friends and family members to see your work through the portal of tagging. It won’t be long now until someone else will be wishing they had that experience with you too.


I would hope by now you don’t think I’m just some bitch behind a keyboard barking orders or trying to put anyone down. I’m simply going by what I’ve witnessed and seen over the years of what’s worked in favor and what’s left others looking for other career options. When I use the word ” mundane ” I simply mean.. of course… to not be BORING.

Here’s the rule I always told myself. If I post this photo of someone’s hair…… and I was someone else looking at it while scrolling through Instagram… would I be more likely to stop and examine it. Maybe consider having that tone on my head? Or would I just keep scrolling? Keep this in mind. Change things up. Don’t keep taking the same photo over and over again. You’re in control and that work on the clients head is YOURS. I’ve walked out in the snow and freezing rain before to get a perfect shot.

I have no shame. Fight for your artistry. If you don’t understand lighting & angles. Keep messing up until you do! How will you know when you’ve got it right? When ppl start noticing your work! Get them talking. Remember the old saying… ” be so good at something that people can’t take their eyes off it ”


Okay. This one could honestly upset people. However… if you haven’t grasp this knowledge yet. It’s crucial you pay attention. Social Media is an alternate universe. I don’t care how many times you so desperately want to add hashtag no filter to your photo… it won’t receive the glory you’re really craving. Save that for the grocery store. That’s when people cannot see the illusion.

The old school ways of Ashley seeing Britney in the store and complimenting her hair asking where she got it done at? Nope. Those days are just about gone. Hell, half the time Ashley doesn’t even speak to Britney in the store. But, you can bet your ass that they’re both watching like hawks on each other social media pages. And if one has a photo with a little preset filter or a little help from some photo editing software. You can bet the other one will want it to!

Get it? I hope so. It’s so disappointing yet satisfying all at the same time. This new way of winning consumers over. HairColorist have really sort of become set directors. You want a bigger clientele? Pull out the ring light. Drag out the backdrop & don’t stop shooting until you’ve got Pinterest worthy color shots to make Ashley wonder what salon Britney’s been going to!


Of course you know I have to add this one in here. It’s common sense but there are many times when some refuse or just stop going for continued education. Lucky enough for today’s age. One click into YouTube and there’s an entire buffet of techniques, formulas, and strategies to create some magic behind the chair. Don’t get cookie cutter!

Mark off some time for yourself after work too. Explore & keep that passion alive. Set a goal that’s easy for the first month. Watch 1 YouTube video 3 times a week. 3 days. Same video. Then week 2… watch another video 3 times. Why 3 times? Sometimes watching just once is too quick and it’s all just for instant gratification. Our minds trick us to believe we actually learned the technique by just scanning through and winging it. Wrong. Dig a little deeper bitch. Yes, I said bitch. Or wait.. YASS. Not yes.


I’m adding this last one in just because I really do feel like I owe a ton of my success to this trait. I stayed humble af even in times when I wanted to just go crazy. So… someone cancels last minute and you don’t make that money you thought you were going to make. Stay humble. Don’t make a post about it. Don’t complain to colleagues about it. Never complain to other customers about it.

So, a customer leaves you and goes to someone else that you know in your same area. Stay humble. Don’t post about it. Don’t rant about it. Just let it all be what it’s meant to be. This final tip may be the hardest… because I do understand sometimes these things can test us and get the best of us. I pride myself and my career in never posting about the ” let downs ” that could really put a gloom on our day. You do someone’s hair and they never come back? Stay humble. Keep moving forward. I’m saying it again… let everything ride out the way it is meant to be. There’s a bigger plan.

If someone leaves you.. they were never meant to stay with you. If someone cheats on your with another colorist.. that was meant to happen. All these things add up and make you who you are. The key is to be completely aware. Be present. And stay fucking HUMBLE.

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