Edward Rose Haircare

Eeek! Well, I’ve finally bit the bullet & decided to start trying samples to build my own product line. This has been a long time coming! I swear I can still remember to this day lining up barbies on the toilet seat at my grandmothers house and using different drugstore brands like suave and tresemme to help perfect & hold the styles I created. From the little boy who had one little thought of his own brand to now sampling products it feels so neat.

The beginning stages are simply just what it seems. I keep sending back bottles changing formulas until I get what I really want. Trying to understand it all has been very interesting. I feel like a chemist doing a legit science experiment. Not my fav part of this journey but it’s nice to step out of the creative side and into the science of it all. If I want a product I can stand behind.. I’ll have to do the research for the ingredients.

My first product I’m testing is a TEXTURE SPRAY. A dry texture spray that helps add volume, hold, and shine. My ultimate goal is to create a sort of trio cocktail to help build from start to finish what I like to use to create those tousled beachy waves that hold up in the rain and humidity. I’m adding a couple of photos in of the sample bottle + what I want the end product to look like. The name comes from generations passed down. Edward from my fathers side. And Rose from my mother’s side. I look forward to glancing back on this blog post one day after my products have been produced & sold all over. *remember to pinch yourself lance… this is real* lol xo 😘

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