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Hairline Balayage – Why A Little POP Can Make A Big Difference 

It’s just another day and you find yourself removing the foils from your all over highlight but still questioning why the lines you’re creating aren’t quite giving her hairline the ” break ” it deserves. Have no fear. Hairline Balayage

Although the title and the technique seem simple. Here’s a photo of a couple of things you’ll need before you perform this extra little touch for your blondes..

  1. Pravana Pure Light Balayage Lightener
  2. Disposable Gloves
  3. Pravana ” High ” Lift Developer
  4. Bowl ( I like Glass Bowls )
  5. Joico Luster Lock ( just because I love it so )

You’ll start by washing your weaved lightener out of the hair and placing a towel below their neck so they’re lifted. This will help you paint easier. Make sure to give them a little lift!

Start by painting along the hairline on either side. Starting right by their ear. Take pieces in a backward motion and Balayage your lightener onto the hair moving all around the hairline to help break the base ( especially helps with pony tails )
The point of this technique is to help bump that natural level up just a tad to wear it blends better with your foils you’ve spent so much time perfecting! If for any reason you ever lift too much. Just shadow root over with a tone more suitable for your client. 😘

Blow Dry and Style and give your blondes that extra little pop that makes all the difference 🙌🏼✨


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