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Time Management 

You’re first client walks in 10 minutes late and you spilt coffee on your favorite  sweater. This can still be a good day. 

I’ve had a lot of stylists send me messages over the last year asking about booking appointments and different areas of pricing that I would suggest. My biggest advice, TIME! 

BOOKING: I book my clientele in 1 hour slots. That means.. Lindsey walks in at 1 so.. at 2.. Britney WILL also be walking in the door. I have one hour! And in that hour.. I have found ways to allow myself the charm of catching up and building a relation + the consulatation to fully understand the needs of the client. How? 

BEING ALERT: I made a habit of being fully alert to their attention right when they walk in the door. That way they understand that time is valuable and I am ready to work! So, as soon as that door opens.. my eyes meet their eyes.. not a receptionist or a waiting area full of old magazines. Face to face. You have to, guys.. if you’re not near that door 5 mins before they’re about to walk in.. you’re losing time. 

CONSULT: So, client number 1 walks in and immediately sits in my chair and we start settling her in. About 5/7 minutes allowed for comfort. People like to throw shit everywhere and really nest in a ” salon ” environment. It’s a happy place for them. Bam 💥 7 mins up! ” what are you thinking on your hair ” – I use that line a lot to start.. I only do this to see one thing.. if their reaction is immediate ( researched and really got a feel and understanding of what they want the overall goal to be ) — or the blank face pause. The ” I have no fucking clue ” client but ” look at these unrealistic Pinterest pics. ” 10 mins allowed for all of this non-sense. I say non- sense with a firm stand too. Before you go defending your client.. remember, YOU’RE THE ARTIST 👨‍🎤 – we value their opinions and 100% want their input.. but 85% of women.. want someone to say.. ” GIRL, THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED ” 

That’s 17 mins passes. We will round to 20. Which leaves me 40 mins to apply color. PERFECT? Right? 🤔

SPEED: This is where we play into how quick and confident you are at applying color. If 40 mins for a complete color seems short lived to you. I suggest marking off more time and taking MORE time before booking this way. Yes, you can MARK off more time in the beginning and still make money and perfect your craft. That’s what every beginner should be doing. Don’t rush. Don’t worry about the money. Try to make your rent and F the rest. Try to invest in classes to learn techniques to make your life easier! Obsess over the art of color. Give everyone in your area something to grasp onto. Tell a story. I sure did. And never looked back. 😘


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