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6 Point Checklist: Fighting Breakouts 

Hey guys! ❤

I wanted to share my Checklist and products I like to use whenever I have those stubborn breakouts we all hate – I’ve found a great way to make those nasty blemishes vanish almost over night! Let’s gooooooooo 🙌🏼


1. The first step in this battle is surprisingly a mask. I use the evanhealy french rose clay mask – I’m obsessed with anything ROSE 🌹– rose clay has so many natural healing qualities + it will help bring your breakout to the surface for easier extraction. After I remove the mask I use two pieces of tissue to extract! No fingers! Germs & bacteria city! We are gross.. okay, okay.. maybe we aren’t.. but are hands are!

2. Second step is cleaning! I use a q-tip dipped in hydrogen / peroxide and clean the areas. Make sure you select a NEW q-tip if you apply and remove.. but still want to add more… Clean clean clean!

3. Third step is disinfecting! You really want to kill out all the junk & make sure it isn’t going to spread into your other pores! This is where we pull out the tride & true! Rubbing Alcohol! Now, some may disagree but I just HAVE to apply a little dab and feel that sting so I know I’m killing whatever is in there! Also, I use the wintergreen selection / only 70% alcohol – tad bit less likely to dry your skin like the 100 proof 👌🏽

4. ICE PACK TIME ❄️ / cut down some of the redness & inflammation by applying a cold ice pack to the areas 🙌🏼🙌🏼 10MIN

5. Okay, the coast is almost clear! You’re on your way to fighting this little face demon. Time to bring in the big shot! I use RODAN & FIELDS Unblemished Dual Intensive Acne Treatment! I use this a spot Treatment. You take a tiny pump from EACH side on a q-tip & apply! Don’t use your damn finger! 😩 This product seriously is amazing! Say goodbye flaws & hello CLEAR! 
6. LAST & FINAL STEP – I make a cup of green tea ☕️ + honey 🍯 & lemon 🍋 – green tea has natural healing properties & has been studied and shown to help treat breakouts from the inside out along w/ so many other health benefits! It’s a great little treat after all your hard work too! ❤

Hope this helps you! 😘


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