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Easy Maintenance / Transition Into Fall Blondes

Hey guys!Welcome back to the blog! First things first I want to give a big thanks to everyone that’s shown love toward the site & blog! I’ve been working non-stop on this online education series and trying to share little tips and trick working up to the release date! Coming later in the year! No official date yet 🙈

I’ll also be doing a couple of amazing giveaways closer to the release too! Including a free trip + product packages

So, please keep an eye out for those and let’s get right into the blog post…

Today’s post focuses on those clients who come in and are use to being blonde but want to transition into the cooler weather / fall. I always slow down on the foiling and start incorporating a little more rooting & light balayage & glazing. Shine, shine, and more shine! Let’s pair your boots, scarves, and pumpkin spice with some shiny healthy hair this year!

My client came in with a grown out lob. I would say it had been about 8 weeks since I seen her last & she wasn’t really too crazy about having strategic foils since summer is somewhat behind us. But, still wanting to stay in the blonde family.. I knew I wouldn’t root it too much.

I start by mixing a liquid demi to help add depth & I blend down into my previous foil lines. To help blend & create a root that would grow out and look great for fall. Naturally, she’s about a level 6/7. I use different tones of 6/7/8 shades when mixing the shadow root. I’ll have in depth formulas/technique available on the online course ❤️

Once the shadow root was completed, I mixed up my favorite clay lightener

( PRAVANA PURELIGHTS ) + highlift dev

I used a wooden handle paint brush to add some panels of light to just help brighten the silhouette. This lightener is creamy and doesn’t scatter all over the place! I enjoy it. You can click HERE to learn more about my favorite lighteners😘

I allowed the combo of rooting & balayage to sit for a while. I played around on the laptop and had a cup of  – time to rinse & cut! 💦✂️ I softened the bottom of her haircut & removed so much weight w/ my 7 inch shears! What a difference a good haircut can do for the color! I love when they marry together perfect! 

At the shampoo bowl, I did a clear glaze all over & then did a drop toner for 45 seconds. I think it’s so important to remember that not every session is all about bleach! Sometimes we just need a little touch up and a little shine! Bring on the fall weather? Who else is ready!?


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