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Lance Wright is Creating An Educational Web Series for Colorists

I’ve turned down jobs with different companies to stay grounded and not be told what to do. I have major anxiety when I feel I’m not able to give 100%. So, standing on a stage pitching product placement to increase sale percentages only made me angry. It made me uncomfortable and so anxious.  I do know that the right investor will come along someday and I will be ready. Thankfully, I am lucky enough to be picky. I chose to venture out on my own and use social media as a home base. I traveled the states teaching different courses to help inspire other artists like myself behind the chair.  Because of you, I am able to use my time to create content that will hopefully inspire you to conquer your goals too! Thank you to anyone who has ever purchased an online session, bought a ticket to attend a class, or personally sat in my chair. You’ve changed my life in so many ways.


I’m creating an online educational course. A video log of my lesson plans and creative process 👨🏻‍🎓 3 years of  knowledge and obsession 📚

  • Foiling / Highlighting Techniques
  • Balayage Techniques
  • Frequent Asked Questions
  • Shadow Rooting & Creating Depth
  • Formulas & Brands
  • Photography & Lighting
  • Bend-Wave Technique

I want to create a story of self expression + education. A personal diary of technique & theory.  I realize now.. how many more I can help by reaching out virtually 


” When you’re foiling hair, it should be about structure of the mind & less with the technique. Keep your knowledge of precision within your ” technique of foiling ” but try to execute less on straight lines! The head is circular, so that is how sunlight is naturally adding light in every day. ”  


” Foiling on diagonal lines and following the shape of the head can help the grow out stage look as if the sun created it. That’s why we shadow root. We give the appearance of a little regrowth. We are creating an illusion. It’s a play on depth in the hair much like our beloved term ” lowlight ” 


” Shadow rooting is the new low light. It’s just low lighting in a different way “


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