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My Go-To Lighteners

Hey Guys! I’ve wanted to make this blog post for so long! One of the most asked questions I receive in messages or on live feeds is ” What lightener are you using ”  Here’s a list of my ” go-to ” lighteners that I use everyday in my studio! Enjoy! This is just a little bit of info on why I like each lightener. I will try and do more  “in-depth” reviews on each one.


9/10 – JOICO verolight lightening powder: This is actually my all time favorite lightener! I’ve been using it for years! I can always depend on a very safe & even lift. Vero lights is infused with different crystals to help protect the hair through the lightening process. It’s an on/off scalp lightener & can lift up to 8 levels. Joico’s renowned KPAK conditoning system is completely added in, which makes this one of the best lighteners on the market! I always grab this for any sort of basic foiling. I also use this for backcombing! The color tone is pretty white with a hint of blue tone. Easy to Mix. Doesn’t Swell. Doesn’t dry out quick.


7/10 – JOICO blondelife lightening powder – Fairly new product on the market! I have used a handful of times and although I do enjoy it.. I don’t find it gives me the same satisfaction as the #verolights above. Blonde Life offers an even more blue pigment to the powder. Results are very pale and it’s the perfect go-to if your client is looking for a ashy / blue based blonde. Perfect for shadowing & glazing with cool tones. In my opinion, this product is a little dry. I noticed I did have to add a little more developer as I highlighted. On/ Off Scalp. Lifts up to 9 levels! Very little swelling.

Redken Flash Life

8/10 REDKEN flash lift blonde idol – This product hasn’t been in my dispensary long but it is def one to keep around! First things first.. it’s SOOOOO creamy! Never dries out! Mixes very well. Infused with Pro Vitamin B5. Lifts up to 8 levels. Light Blue tone & doesn’t swell. I am a huge Tracey Cunningham fan & this is always her go-to lightener! I’ve started using this a lot around the hairline just because I feel it is so conditioning & creamy! Does anyone else use different lighteners in different areas of the hair? Little tip! The hairline is so much more sensitive to lightener than the thicker / more dense areas of the hair. So, you really want to take into consideration of what lightener you’re using! I always add olaplex too!


Pravana Pure Light

9/10 PRAVANA Pure Lights – balayage lightener – This is my favorite go-to clay based lightener! I always mix to sour cream consistency & this product mixes so well! Not a lot of fall out from powder ( which is so nice because I hate messy powders ) – I use this product all the time for painting around the hairline and for all my balayage! Once you’ve applied the product you can sit back and just wait! It gives such a nice even lift! No bleeding, swelling, or movement! Its special formula actually hardens and creates a shell around hair, insulating the lightener inside, allowing the product to continue processing without over drying or needing foil. Sometimes, when I want even more lift, I will add balayage film to this lightener! Rather you’re just wanting to sun kiss the hair, or really change the complete tone.. Pravana proves to be a worthy competitor in the world of lighteners.

Joico Free Play

7/10 JOICO free play balayage lightener – With a name like ” free play ” I was instantly intrigued! This product is great for your quick little paint jobs. Consistency is creamy and it does not dry out. However, it doesn’t seem to give as much lift as the pravana above. Free play.. I grab a lot for my clients who are younger & haven’t colored their hair much at all. It gives a nice even lift that looks very sunkissed and natural. Joico recommends that you NOT use heat with this product. Mixes well & doesn’t leave a ton of fall out from powder.

Redken Free Hand

5/10 REDKEN free hand balayage lightener – I decided to go ahead and add this on here just to give my honest review. Although I do love REDKEN and everything they have brought to the table over the years.. This clay based lightener falls short on the list. A complete mess when mixing. Always has a ton of fall out. Powder everywhere & I feel the lift and consistency is a gamble. Dries out very quick. I really wanted to love this product since I am so crazy about Shades EQ. 5 out of 10 for me 😦

Lance Wright Lightener

Thanks for reading my little review on some of my favorite & not so favorite lighteners that I’ve reviewed & used in my own personal studio! I love this industry and planning to create video content soon to add on this blog & a YouTube channel! Stay tuned & thanks for supporting!


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