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Online Course / Chapter Titles Revealed

Hi guys! I’ve seriously been counting down the days that I could share the titles of the chapters with you all so you have a little more insight about what we will be going over once you purchase the course! If you’re new here.. I’m lance. I started my journey about 2 years ago. Just another colorist behind the chair.. but I found a connection online sharing my craft and passion with other like minded artists. The passion led to live videos which then lead to touring the states for two years educating in different salons. After traveling started to become harder and harder.. I decided an online course was the way to go for continued education! I can’t wait for you guys to watch & I hope you’ll leave me reviews on what you think! I’m hoping to help inspire you behind the chair! Love you guys 🙏🏻❤️Thank you so much for believing in me! Below you’ll find the title of the chapters along with photos of my work. Each video chapter will be in great detail. One on one chatting + live demos on mani head + live demo on human hair as well 😊 once you purchase the video, it will be yours to keep forever. You can learn comfortably from your own home!


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