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Summer Blonde w/ Formula


Hey guys! Welcome back to the blog! One of my favorite clients came in yesterday! Kristin Gill is an online blogger who shares her story of being a momma of three and a fashionista! You can click below to follow her Instagram & blog! 

Kristin Gill Instagram

Growing Up Gill Blog


Hair Color Formula

Today on Kristin, I started by adding babylights on diagonal lines through her regrowth. My foils were closer together around her hairline & as I moved my way back into the crown area they became further and further apart.


Highlighting Formula – #joico verolights / 40 volume + olaplex =30.

Anytime you’re using olaplex it knocks the developer down 1 level.

 She has a very dark natural base ( level 4 ) , so I wanted to make sure I had enough lift to blend into those previous highlighted ends.

EWD Model

I let the highlights sit for about 25/30 minutes with no heat. Then, like usual, we shampoo and bring her back to the chair for shadow rooting. Shadowing rooting on Kristin can be tricky because she is so naturally dark but likes to see a tiny bit lighter root. Luckily for us, that’s exactly what highlighting & shadow rooting accomplishes. Think of it like this.. Old school, we use to highlight and use a permanent color in between foils to LIFT their natural tone to make it blend better with the blonde highlights. Gone be the days of perm color & perm lines of demarcation! Once you’ve added in your babylights, you’re *breaking the base* with those foils. Then, when you go back to shadow root.. you’re adding a little lighter tone that will show up on those light pieces. Make sense? I hope so!

Shadow Root Formula – Equal Parts of 6N ( Shades Eq ) + 6NA ( Lumishine ) + 5 vol Lumishine Developer Processed for 10-15 minutes

Note* When applying a shadow root. Use the same method you would use if you were going in to touch up gray roots. Section off your 4 quadrants and don’t worry about a line. Demi Liquids are transparent. You’re shadowing your foils! Not covering them!

Glazing Formula – For today’s glaze on the ends of the hair, I applied right after I was finished rooting. After Shadow Root processed for about 5 minutes, take an applicator bottle and apply your glaze. I used 10NG ( lumishine ) + 9V ( shade eq ) – It creates a very interesting tone when you mix a little G into the mix. So often we are using just N + V .. I want a little Gold & that’s why I opted for the Natural Gold & in a level 10. It’s so light. So, it gives me a little warmth but the V still keeps the blonde from looking brassy. Perfect *SUMMER BLONDE* formula in my opinion! Make sure your ends are lifted enough!

I used my favorite b & w hot tools 1 inch iron to create bend waves in the hair! Bend waves can be created by taking small sections alternating the curl movement and leaving the ends of the hair out of the iron! You’re literally creating bends in the hair to help make a natural wave pattern. It’s effortless and very chic’! I’ll make a blog post / video soon on how I make these curls! Go ahead and try though. Give it your best shot and if you don’t get it the first time, don’t be discouraged. Take time to perfect it! xoxo L



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